A Drive to Remember

This post is a bit overdue, but I’d like to think of it as a kind (and tasty) reminder to those of you who have yet to purchase the cookbook. I started reading their blog soon after they started and it has since remained a favorite. Marina’s approach to cooking is similar to mine, in that seasonal whole foods are pushed to the forefront and that keeping things simple and beautiful is all it takes to get people in the kitchen cooking and great food on the table.

I have so many recipes marked to try and a handful of ones I’ve already made; and not one has disappointed me yet. I decided to share this recipe from their book, not just because the thought of creamy braised beans and leeks sounded perfect for the gray and rainy weekend we had, and definitely not because I thought it was going to be easy to photograph (beans are tough!), but because of the story that came with the recipe. Marina’s inspiration comes from Italy, where the lady she worked for had a simple recipe for a pot of beans and leeks that everyone asked for. When the lady was asked what was in the famous dish her response was “it’s just leeks and beans!” This last part, that’s what had me hooked. It reminded me so much of my grandma and something I think I inherited as well.

Beans & Leeks / Good Things Grow

Leeks / Good Things Grow

This is what I love so much about this book. It’s not just a cookbook, it’s so much more. Marina has made a point to invite the reader in, much in the style of her blog. She makes you feel welcomed, whether you’re a foodie or just someone who loves to eat. Her recipes are simple enough for everyday, but she manages to keep it all so flavorful that you wouldn’t even think twice to serve it to guests. All of that, accompanied by her incredibly talented husband who photographed the entire book, makes this a must on my kitchen bookshelf and I can see myself reaching for it for many years to come. And has me waiting for another, just sayin’ Marina : )