Summer garden

Its happened again. That first dappling of sunshine that soon stretches into long, warm evenings has reached out and grabbed hold of my hand and beckoned me out into the world. It seems sooner than when it came last year, so I’m checking in now to tell you that, well… definitely do not expect to see me posting regularly.

I love my time here, but I really, really enjoy my outside sunshine time whenever I can get it. Also, cooking in the summer is more like not cooking for me. I find myself simply grilling or eating things straight from the garden with a dash of salt and fresh herbs, hardly a recipe, but none-the-less delicious. I’m sure there will be a few new creations I find myself repeating and simply have to share with you, but for now I leave you with pictures of where all that food is coming from; my garden!

It’s big this year. The biggest I’ve ever had and several months ago we added 4 chickens to it. They are the sweetest and follow me around hoping I’ll toss them a slug or worm. The brown one (image above) is Dandelion, she’s definitely the dominate one of the group and the other one, Lupine, loves to perch up as high as she can and she loves her greens.

The two above are about 1 month younger, the black one, who doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything and the speckled one is Fern, she’s the sweetest of the bunch and always seems to find herself left behind trying to figure out where everyone else is. None of them are laying yet and probably won’t until this Fall, but they are hilarious to watch and doing a mighty fine job of cleaning up all the garden scraps.

The list of things I’m growing this year is long, but some new ones I’m pretty excited about are blueberries, quinoa, Thai basil, jalapeño’s, rattlesnake runner beans, acorn squash and delicata squash. So much good stuff! As usual I currently have so much zucchini that I’ve been handing it out to all my neighbors and cooking with it daily. Seriously. I keep telling my husband he’s going to get sick of it, but he keeps requesting more.