Yummy lettuce wrap recipe

I was little when I heard my first poem, but it wasn’t until the third grade that I really remember learning about poetry. I was in a third/forth split class and our teacher made us memorize and present a poem to the class each week. Sometimes we could choose partners, which made memorizing and standing… Continue reading Yummy lettuce wrap recipe

Fresh, yet different salad idea

I (again) have grand ideas about gardening this year. Seed catalogues, detailed spread sheets, and gardening books have been strewn about our dining table for the last two weeks. One evening, I looked up from my barricade, laughing and told Scott, “it feels like I’m in school again”. Although, lets be real, I probably never… Continue reading Fresh, yet different salad idea

Summer Salad

It was time to thin out the garden. If you follow me maybe you’ve seen a little glimpse into our backyard garden. It is so crazy how in mid May everything was still a bare patch of dirt. Now it’s overflowing and I’m placed with the hard task of thinning out the carrots and greens… Continue reading Summer Salad